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Accelerated Reader

Have you noticed your child reading more at home?
Wondering why?
Ask them about Accelerated Reader!
All children 2nd.-6th Grade at McKibben are required to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.
Kindergarten and first grade students participate if and when recommended by their teacher.

What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?
AR is a program that McKibben Library has implemented to assist your child in becoming a better reader. Each child is tested to find their appropriate reading level. Children then select books within their level that they can read independently with a great margin for success when they take an AR quiz.
Children earn prizes when they pass quizzes and advance in their reading level.
Encourage your child to read at home. Sit down and listen to your children read. Encourage reading for enjoyment and not just as a homework requirement.
Let us watch their success together!
Please see the attached PDF to see the reading levels for your children.

Ms. Gómez, McKibben Library