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Discipline Policy

Dear Parent,
In order for your child to have a successful year, I implement a system that promotes good work habits, encourages appropriate behavior at all times, and guides the students into making good choices. The following classroom rules have been developed to ensure that all learners will be successful in meeting the third grade requirements to advance to fourth grade.
 1. Listen and follow directions.
 2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
 3. Use an indoor voice and work quietly.
 4. Raise your hand to speak.
 5. Return all homework, neatly.
 6. Always try your very best!
If your child chooses to follow the rules, I will give a lot of support and encourage your child with praise, privileges, stickers, awards, and treats. However, if your child does not follow the rules, there will be consequences. 
The consequences for students who do not follow the rules are:
All students will begin each and every day on green, ready to learn.
Disruption Consequence
1st Time Verbal warning (stay on green)
2nd Time-clip moves down to yellow (stop and think about your behavior)
3rd Time-clip moves down to pink (student is reminded of class rules)
4th Time-clip moves down to RED (a note will go home for a parent signature) 
Severe Offenses (fighting, repeated bad language, disrespectfulness, etc.)
Child is given a referral and sent to the Principal’s office.
These rules are made with your child’s best interest in mind. Since you are the most important individual in your child’s life, it is necessary that we work together to help him/her learn the best that he/she can.
Thank you for your support.
Ms. Ornelas
 Please return this portion to school as soon as possible. I have read and understood the discipline letter. I have discussed the classroom rules with my child.
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