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Ms. Carolyn Howard » Fifth Grade-Room 14

Fifth Grade-Room 14

Dear Fifth Grade Parents:

This year the fifth grade has many fabulous activities planned. Here are the events we have planned for the remainder of the school year!!                      




Parents Needed

February 18

Music Center

Blue Ribbon Festival and Dance

*Two per Class- Limited

February 18

Graves Middle School

Students be there at 5:30

Spring Concert

Recorder Performance

Please attend to see your child perform

February 25


Sea Lab Touch Tanks and Games About Animal Survival

*One or Two per class to monitor students –Not Limited

March 7


Read Around the World - Dr. Seuss Birthday Game Booth and Bake Sale

*One or Two per class to monitor booth

*One or Two per class for Bake Sale

*Baked Goods

March 17


Bug Bus-Experiments on Mosquitos

*None needed

April 12

Columbia Space Center

Activities to Learn About Solar System and Robotics

*Two per Class- Limited

May 6

Huntington Library

Desert Habitat Experiments

*Two per Class- Limited

In order to pay for buses and supplies for all of our activities, we are asking for each student to donate $15 to $20 to cover costs for all of our activities. If you are interested in helping with an activity, please write a note and let us know when you can help!!!

Thank you,

Mrs. Gonzales and Mrs. Howard